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The Pilgrim Puppet Group was started in Autumn 2006, by Sarah Sellars and Hazel Taylor — following the encouragement of Rosie and Josh Butcher and Marcus Sellars. Our aim was — and still is — to take the Christian Message to as many folk as possible in a different way.

Our puppets have been bought or “gifted” to us over the years. They come in many different shapes and sizes. From “people” characters, to animals and “cookie monsters”! We tell Bible stories and experiences in different ways. We try and do this with songs, interaction and fun.

Over the years we have had 30 children who have been part of our group plus 10 adults. The full group at present is 7 Children and 2 / 4 Adults. Our Group is led at present by Hazel Taylor and Marcia Watson. We are always looking for new recruits!

Over the years we have visited 38 different local Primary schools; 25 Care Homes; Rainbow-Guide Groups; Beaver Groups; Nurseries; Village Festivals, and many events, and celebrations. Some over 10 times!

We have travelled with our Puppets to North Wales, and Yorkshire — and are always looking for places to take our message.

In “normal times” we hold annual events — Puppets and Pancakes in February in Hunningham Church, and a Crib Service at Weston Church on Christmas Eve.

We have entered competitions in annual European Puppet Festivals and even won awards!

We have been blessed by having seamstresses to help with our costumes: Sarah Sellars and now Janet Lister. Our PROPS have been excellently made for us by Duncan Brown until his recent retirement.

When lockdown started in 2020, we had to rely on Zoom for rehearsals. We also branched out — with the help of One Way Puppets UK — to film and edit our performances. We have two skilled young people: Alfie Brown and Gareth Dickie who have taken on this work. Consequently, we were able to send a film to 11 Care Homes for Christmas 2020 and Easter 2021.

Although The Pilgrim Puppets come under the Offchurch Group of Churches — we rely mainly on donations. We are a Mission Group and do not charge for our performances. We feel blessed to be able to have the opportunity to bring God’s message to people of all ages.

TO BOOK THE PILGRIM PUPPETS — please ring Hazel Taylor 01926 632428

Pilgrim Puppets Christmas 2020 video

Pilgrim Puppets Easter 2021 video