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 What is a celebrant?

Do you ever think “I wish I could do it my way?”  When you think about getting married, do you want your story told – of how you met, fell in love and the journey to your fantastic day?  When you are saying goodbye to a loved one or a friend, do you want to hear about them and their life so you can laugh and cry?  You want to renew your vows but don’t quite know how to?  Or you don’t want a christening, but do want to celebrate your new arrival.

All these things can happen just by using a celebrant at these ceremonies. A celebrant works with you on your special day.  They centre everything around the main person.  We write your ceremony with you.  We tell the life story at a funeral or celebration of life, having written the ceremony based on the memories of the family and their friends.  For a wedding we will have spent a long time with the couple learning all about their journey to getting married.

What I am trying to say is that a celebrant makes it personal, special and ‘you’ focused.  There is no religious element involved, unless it is requested.  There is no requirement for specific music – it’s your choice.  You can even have a symbolic ritual if you’d like one.  Anyone can be involved and the ceremony can take place anywhere.

Our role is to make the day special.  You only get one funeral so we can help you get it right; you may only get one naming for your baby, so we help you get it right.

The only things we can’t do, as we are not registrars, is register a death or a birth, or officiate at a marriage.  But hey, you register a birth and then have a christening; you register a death and then have a funeral and you register your marriage so you can then have your wedding.

That is what a celebrant is.

Lesley Coles