of the Villages

 Christmas carols by candlelight

As an Organist I was often asked to play for Brownies Christmas Carol Services in a village church nearby, so one year i arrived in plenty of time and found the Church in darkness.  I waited a while in the car, getting colder every minute – then realized this was the wrong church in the wrong village!  Remembering where I should be I drove to the correct church which was ablaze with welcoming reassuring lights – raced irreverently down the aisle, music and hair flying, accompanied by the sweet little Brownies clapping and giving me 3 Cheers.  We went on to have a brilliant Carol Service, with lots of fun and great Christmas singing. 🎅

Talking of Carol Services, in the days when I had a full robed choir, we used to bravely process round the darkened church singing AND holding lighted candles!  Unfortunately sometimes we had singed music or singed hair or both!  We gave up on that idea pretty quickly, and because we spent the whole service trying to control our giggles  we again had a wonderful Carol Service with angelic Carol Singing! 🎅  ♫

A happy and healthy Christmas to all, love Wendy 🎅 🎅

Wendy Green