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Eathorpe Christmas Lights

We have lived in Eathorpe for 25 years now and, as in all communities, we have seen several changes – new houses, new people, a brand new village hall and so on. But Eathorpe Christmas Lights have always been part of our experience of this village at Christmas. And the experience of lots of other people too, it seems. Village residents this year put up their lights around December 9th and they were lighting up the December sky until just after News Year’s Day.

We don’t really count the visitors we get but there were plenty – every night! With Christmas Eve being the busiest, when I estimated we had at least 200 people walking up and down Main Street.

We don’t charge people to come to visit the Lights – the intention is to have a gentle, FREE, celebration which all families can visit as they wish.

Some households do have charity boxes outside though. And it looks as if we have collected about £1500 in total this year, which will go to a variety of charities, tending to focus on those aimed at helping children.

So to those people who visited us over the Christmas period, we’d like to say “Thank You!” And – see you again next year.