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Silver Jubilee 1977

It was about the middle of March 1977, chatting to neighbours, that we came up with the idea of having a  Silver Jubilee Street Party for the Queen here in the Radford Road.  We formed a Committee with a Chairman (Brian of course) and a Secretary, an Acquisitions Manager, an Entertainment Manager – and I said I’d see to the music! 

We set about having a weekly meeting which turned out to be the highlight of the week, a lot of fun and laughter, trying out various Punches, with someone’s delicious homemade cakes or cookies. Not mine, I just don’t feature in the kitchen!

The day dawned and the forecast was not brilliant; undeterred we began putting out trestle tables and chairs, balloons and streamers, a display of the local school Children ‘s Art Competition, lots of fairy lights,  banners and streamers.  (We had previously obtained Police permission to close the road)  The Party was due to start at 2.00,  so a few strong fellows and myself went round the corner to the local church to borrow a piano!  I actually played some songs in transit and folk came out of their houses to sing along, cheering and clapping, encouraging us on our way!!

The skies looked dark, but undaunted we began laying out the delicious food.  Then the skies cleared and the sun shone on happy families playing games, running races, and the judging of Best Crown Competition; enthusiastically singing, impromptu dancing and generally it was a Festival of Fun! 

The Party went on into the night, with revellers from the two local pubs joining us as it got dark; I played the piano and the singing got louder and louder – it must have been heard over hill and dale for miles around!!

Wendy Green