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Secondary School Rules?

At secondary school I had a habit of humming in Science Class, and the teacher would stop her experiments with test tubes etc and just stare at me over her dark menacing spectacles – I would stop humming but would unconsciously start again.  After a few more hums and a few more black stares I was sent out of the classroom, laying down my test tube …… and the contents of my test tube, which was a strange orangy-red colour,  flooded the desk with weird pops and fizzles.  This sent the whole class into fits of laughter, and out I went.  Apparently a few more stares and the class returned to silence!

On another occasion In the Music Class we were asked to sight-read a couple of bars of music, so I did – accurately – again and again (because that’s what I do, even at the age of 13) The teacher then asked me to stop singing as I was putting everyone off – I  thought I was actually helping!!  Just like the humming I unconsciously started singing again and guess what ….. I was sent out of the classroom again!

I was in the English Country Dancing A-Team, and we were chosen as the finale at the end-of-term Concert.  Unfortunately on the night our pianist was taken ill.  Panic ensued, and I offered to play.  Lots of doubting looks came my way, as the Music was missing as well. We had a quick practice, they then believed I could actually play without music.  We had a standing ovation – it was a roaring success!

This is why I’ve played and sang fearlessly all my life.

Wendy Green